Offering the following amenities and services for our residents at Beechview Manor:


  • Beechview Manor is finishing it’s 2017 remodel, where the interior of the building has been painted and updated to make it look more like home!
  • A Non-Smoking / Smoke-free Building since 2016, smoking is not permitted in apartments or inside the building at any time / place.
  • A Secure Building including locked doors at our front and bridge breezeway entrances. Residents and Manager are able to limit access to the building.
  • Security System including intercom and cameras at our front and bridge breezeway entrances to provide peace of mind for the safety of our residences.
  • Community Room for social activities and enjoyment of our residents complete with a full-service kitchen, a large-screen TV with DVD, a Wii and a stereo system.
  • Computer Room with three touch-screen computers that help residents keep in touch with family and friends and enable cognative games to be played.
  • Our building has been updated with energy-efficient lighting and energy-star appliances are replacing old appliances as they wear out.
  • We recently updated our emergency services to include individual medica pendents for each resident and communication panels for each apartment.
  • Each apartment unit has its own A/C and heating unit, and the electric, water bills and emergency pendents and panels are included as an amenity.
  • Building Manager available Monday through Friday to assist residents with housing needs.
  • On-site Service Coordinator who is available weekly to confidentially provide residents with information on financial assistance, medical assistance, daily living assistance and support, educational support services and some legal support services.
  • On-site Maintenance Supervisor is available to do same-day repairs per request, Monday through Friday.
  • Conveniently located a half-block from Pittsburgh’s Light Rail “T” transportation system at Broadway Avenue and Belasco Avenue and Broadway Avenue and Bousted Street, and 0.5 miles from local bus routes (a 10 minute walk) on West Liberty Avenue.
  • Conveniently located 0.5 miles (a 10 minute walk) to Beechveiw’s new IGA Grocery Store located at 1616 Broadway Avenue!
  • Opportunity to participate in local Senior Centers, one being rehabbed in Beechview, and access to LIFE Pittsburgh –  a community based alternative to nursing home care and assisted living. Through the LIFE Pittsburgh program, frail older adults can remain in their own home and receive a coordinated plan of care that enables them to maintain their independence and enjoy a safe and active life in the community.
  • Pittsburgh Meals on Wheels, a service for those who are in need and qualify.  Part of the greater Meals on Wheels Association of America – visit their WEBSITE for more in-depth information on the program.
  • We are a HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Federally-subsidized Housing Facility.   For more information on HUD, CLICK HERE .