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NEWS: July, 2011 Energy Improvements at Beechview Manor!

Beechview Manor updated it’s lighting to be in compliance with Federal laws to promote energy efficiency.

Out with the old ballasts and old T12 fluorescent tubes and in with the new T8 and T5 energy-efficient lighting tubes and ballasts throughout the halls and stairwells and new energy-efficient light bulbs through out all the apartments.  Consequently, our halls, stairwells and apartments are brighter and our residents have remarked that they could see the improvements right away!

Jan Candor of Candor Electric completed the larger portion of replacing the main lights and ballasts throughout the building, and our on-site Maintenance Director, Don Hurney completed the bulb changes in the interior apartments.

These significant changes not only bring Beechview Manor into early compliance with the Federal energy efficiency plan of 2012, but will also institute a significant savings in electrical output and costs associated with that output.

We are happy to provide these services and institute these important changes for our residents in an effort to create improvements that not only save money, but also improve their surroundings.

So things are a little brighter around Beechview Manor these days – stop in and have a look; see how we shine!